About CRUD Controllers

⚠️ By default Melodiia provides a doctrine integration. But if you didn't install Doctrine, it will not register CRUD controllers. Be sure Doctrine is installed.

Here are all the controllers for your CRUD.

CRUD action Service name
Create melodiia.crud.controller.create
Read (collection) melodiia.crud.controller.get_all
Read (item) melodiia.crud.controller.get
Update melodiia.crud.controller.update
Delete melodiia.crud.controller.delete

CRUD Controllers have options, here are a list of them and their availability by controller:

Option name Create Read Update Delete
melodiia_model x x x x
melodiia_form x x
melodiia_clear_missing x x
melodiia_serialization_group x
melodiia_security_check x x x x
melodiia_max_per_page x
melodiia_max_per_page_allowed x
melodiia_allow_user_define_max_per_page x

Example of route using options:

    path: /api/v1/articles
    controller: 'melodiia.crud.controller.get_all'
    methods: 'GET'
        melodiia_model: App\Entity\Article
        melodiia_serialization_group: "list-article"
        melodiia_max_per_page: 25