Using filters

To make filters you must implement the interface FilterInterface. Because Melodiia validates any input to avoid inconsistent API, filters also uses form types.

If it's not done automatically, you must register your filter as a service:

        # This tag is autoconfigured in standard installations
        tags: ['melodiia.crud_filter']

Here is how may look this filter:

class TodoContainFilter implements FilterInterface
     * @param QueryBuilder $queryBuilder
    public function filter($queryBuilder, FormInterface $form): void
        $q = $form->get('q')->getData();
        if (!empty($q)) {
            $queryBuilder->andWhere($queryBuilder->expr()->like('item.content', ':like'));
            $queryBuilder->setParameter('like', '%' . $q . '%');

    public function supports(string $class): bool
        return Todo::class === $class;

    public function buildForm(FormBuilderInterface $formBuilder): void
        $formBuilder->add('q', TextType::class);